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Thursday, March 28, 2013

WOF Recap: March 28, 2013

Let's hope for a nice recovery after Jason Dingess totally bombed his $100K bid from last night.


Opening Clip (1999 in Hawaii): Pat builds the round logo in the sand

$1,000 Tossup: PHRASE

F _ L L _ _ / Y O _ R
_ _ _ _ _

Robyn's incorrect w/ FOLLOW YOUR DREAM.

F _ L L _ _ / Y O _ R
_ L I S S

Cheryl doesn't know the last word.

F O L L _ W / Y O U R

Ryan gets FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. And for the fourth night in a row, a man in the middle is introduced first by Pat...

Ryan Shaughnessy: Chicago sports fan except for the Cubs from L.A. (originally from Pontiac, IL)
Cheryl Hackinon: 5th grade teacher at Skyline ES from Tacoma, WA
Robyn O'Brien: worker for The Actors Fund from Pleasantville, NY

$2,000 Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ E _ T U _ C I N E
A L _ _ _ _ _

Cheryl eats up some FETTUCCINE ALFREDO for control.

FEATURED TRIP: Cuan Law boat ride to the British Virgin Islands worth $8,750

Jackpot Round: SAME LETTER

Cheryl FPs two A's to start (it's NOT the Free Spin, Pat!). Following a null cycle are T and E singles, but then the LAT.  Second, Robyn gets DQed for repeating the S. Third, Ryan controls the rest of the round (he wisely called the SL of three F's at $900 apiece)...

F A _ _ R I T E
F A M I L _

...and solves FAVORITE FAMILY FILM for $4,250.

AIRED DQ: Robyn's S repeat

Scores after R1
Robyn: $0
Ryan: $5,250
Cheryl: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

First, Robyn wastes a spin w/ the MDW's left side. Second, Ryan makes two R's and four E's appear. Later, he gets the 1/2 CAR next to the pink $900 w/ a Y. But after a lot of work, the BANKRUPT next to $650 cleans him out of $3,050 and his plate. Towards the end, Cheryl barely hangs onto top dollar and calls two C's before she...

E A R L Y / B I R D
E _ _ E C T S

...makes the $9,450 solve of EARLY BIRD SPECIAL EFFECTS. And Pat shows her before the next break of how close she was to missing top dollar by simply moving her pointer to the BANKRUPT nearby. 

BANKRUPTS: 2 (both of Cheryl's oppoents)

Scores after R2
Robyn: $0
Ryan: $5,250
Cheryl: $11,450

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (1997): PLACE
HCMA was chosen by this man...

A L _ A N _

...surprisingly, he doesn't know the capital of New York -- ALBANY.



Ryan instantly BANKRUPTs next to top dollar. Cheryl secondly does some work but then says S for sorry. Third, Robyn calls out a $3,500 N and buys the leftover I's. Two spins later, she gets the other 1/2 CAR w/ a G and turns down her Chevy Spark opportunity for a look at...

R I D I N G / T H E
_ E R _ E _ T
_ A _ E

She's won her first $4,450 and will be RIDING THE PERFECT WAVE during her stay at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa in HAWAII from worth $6,030.

SOLE DUD: S (Cheryl)

Scores after R3
Robyn: $10,480 cash and HI
Ryan: $5,250
Cheryl: $11,450


$3,000 Tossup: THING

_ / F _ _ S H
_ E _ _ _ _ C _ _ V E

This is A FRESH PERSPECTIVE for Robyn -- she's now in the lead w/ $13,480.

Round 4: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (full $1,500 speed-up)

S T R I _ I N G / _ _ / _
_ _ N _ _ R S _ T I _ N

Cheryl whiffs w/ STRIDING ON & STRIDING IN A. The K gets called next by Robyn...

S T R I K I N G / _ _ / _
_ _ N _ _ R S _ T I _ N

...she forgets to add the A at the end of the first line after saying STRIKING UP _ CONVERSATION and STRIKING ON _ CONVERSATION; She may have thrown away $9K and the victory. Afterwards, Ryan puts up the C...

S T R I K I N G / _ _ / _
C _ N _ _ R S _ T I _ N

While you guys will be STRIKING UP A CONVERSATION about that weird game, Ryan's won another $6K.

DQs: 4 (two wrong answers by each lady)

Robyn: $13,480 cash and HI
Ryan: $11,250
Cheryl: $11,450

BANKRUPT TRASH (disregarding plate): $3,050


$100,000 Bonus Round
Robyn also lands on the W, so we know the $100K is out of the picture.

Category: THING
This looks like a compound word to me...

_ _ _ L _ _ _ _ R _

She picks a good time to call the dreaded CDMA combo, because we now have...

C _ A L _ _ _ A R D

Well...she scares me w/ her awful guesses of  CHAMELEON and CHOWGUARD, but she gets CHALKBOARD w/ two seconds left for the $35K, so she departs w/ $48,480 cash and trip. 

$5K SPIN ID: WZ0651241

At the end, Pat lists all the errors Robyn made (including verbally stumbling during her interview).

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10


  1. I don't understand how Robyn called the letter "S" again. Cheryl was the first spinner and she never called "S". I assume they edited it out, but why and when did it happen? Cheryl called A, T, and E and then got LAT. If she called an "S" when could it have happened? Did she land on another FP we didn't see and that's when she called ""S". Only explanation I can think of...

  2. Jill, the editors in this modern era of "Wheel" usually cut out null cycles so it will prevent viewers from guessing what letters were called or what penalty spaces were landed on during the three straight lost turns. For this episode, they edited the cycle out after Cheryl FPed the A's. He said "There you go" once she landed on a $ amount.

    1. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I'm sure I wasn't the only viewer, however, who wondered why they said "S" was called already, when the home viewers never got to see it called the first time.